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Jazzmine Brooks

As the founder and creator of Rural Black Doula, I value creating space for BIPOC bodies and spirits to feel whole. Rural Black Doula is about seeing those lost and left behind in healthcare deserts. 
Birth work and movement are essential to me. Helping individuals and families create positive life experiences and outcomes for holistic health brings me joy. I became a doula to promote holistic living for rural women, women of color, queer and trans persons, migrant and refugee families, and historically underserved communities. I prepare individuals, families, and birth parents to make the best-informed decisions in medical spaces and birthing rooms. I support reproductive health education, movement, fertility, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, lactation, and parent support. My philosophy is to honor your choice, amplify your voice, and support you to feel empowered. 

Rural Black Doula offers three core spaces for community - RBD District speaking engagements and community projects, Kindred Soma Yoga and Meditation, and Sweet Milk & Oats Lactation and Peer Support. I've collaborated locally, state-wide, and nationally to co-create and facilitate warm and safe spaces for knowledge sharing, community, and healing.

I am a doctoral student at Iowa State University studying Black Midwives. I use my scholarship to build bridges between research and community work. I serve as the founder and Executive Director of Jai Olive Wellness. Jai Olive Wellness is a 501(c)3 working to improve outcomes and center the culture and needs of diverse families in rural communities through education, services, and partnerships.

I began my work with the National Black Doulas Association to become a certified doula. I am a lifelong learner in herbalism, womb health and healing, evidence-based birth, somatic yoga and meditative practices, birth at various body sizes and conditions, 4th trimester, and more. I have over ten years of experience working with diverse communities such as religious/spiritually connected individuals, the LGBTQIA+ community, person(s) with disabilities, and person(s) of migrant status. I also work with families that have experienced pregnancy and infant loss and support trauma survivors. As a full spectrum doula, I am committed to providing compassionate care and support to all individuals and families, and I am dedicated to uplifting and empowering the communities I serve.

Client Reviews

"Jazzmine did a phenomenal job leading up to, during, and after birth. I felt very prepared about what to expect during the process because Jazzmine's teachings were very thorough. During the birth, Jazzmine was very attentive not only towards me but also to my husband and hospital staff! After the birth, Jazzmine followed up way beyond the requirements of her contract. She truly provided well-rounded and compassionate care."

"I met Jazzmine by coincidence through a mutual contact when I was about 37 weeks pregnant, and from the very beginning, she was very open and informative with an inviting spirit. I had been looking for a doula to help with this pregnancy, an African American doula in particular, so it was a no brainer that I needed her. Jazzmine was extremely supportive and caring throughout my entire experience with her. She provided my husband and I with great advice to prepare us for delivery, helpful tips to make labor and delivery easier on me, and a sense of comfort during this uncertain time dealing with the COVID pandemic. I appreciated the open communication and that I could reach her through different avenues (phone, text, email). She’s amazing with following up postpartum as well and just having that extra ear to vent to and navigate through my feelings, anxieties, and concerns with was definitely needed. I would recommend her services to anyone a million times over."

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