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Services starting Fall 2024


Sweet Milk & Oats is a certified, Recognized Breastfeeding Support Counsellor Organization through the IBCLC Commission. Volunteers in our program can earn hours towards their IBCLC requirements through Pathway 1.

What are good reasons for connecting to lactation and postpartum support? 


Ensures a healthy start to your journey whether vaginal or csection birth.


Reduces stress and barriers when you learn about your body, infant feeding, and healing.


Increases lactation initiation and duration, leading to a successful breastfeeding journey.

Service Areas: Polk, Jasper, Story, Marshall, Boone, Dallas, Madison, Warren, and Marion Counties


Overnight Oats Program

Overnight Oats is a network of support for families searching for community, skills and adjustment strategies, and connections to resources that support child development, mental health and wellness, and unique family life circumstances. 

Check out Overnight Oats support group and skill centers throughout the year. COMING SOON!

Book a session with the best Certified Lactation Specialist, the Rural Black Doula

  • Complimentary consultation included via in-person, phone, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts

  • Home or virtual counseling and education for chestfeeding parents

  • Support for partner and support people 

  • Connecting to parenting and lactation groups locally and nationally

  • Assessment of latching, monitoring by infant weight, and feeding

  • Nutritional support and boosting milk supply strategies

  • Guidance on positioning, pumping, milk storage, feeding cues, and more

  • Provide evidence-based information regarding breastfeeding and medications

  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) Screening and referral support

  • Access to Sweet Milk & Oats Lounge client portal


FREE 30 Mins

Interested in learning more about Sweet Milk & Oats services?

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Home Visit

Set up your first home visit TODAY! Receive hands-on support to relieve engorgement, increase milk supply, and reduce weight concerns and latching issues.

All clients receive a 24-hour reminder, intake and consent forms, access to resources and postpartum screening.


Virtual Visit

Connect virtually if you're beyond 45 minutes from the Des Moines Metro or outside of our service area. Enjoy hands-on support via video call. All clients receive 24-hour reminder, intake and consent forms, access to resources, and postpartum screening.


BIPOC Lactation and Postpartum  Support Pipeline Project

“Public health is a powerful tool to level that playing field, to bend the arc of our country away from distrust and disparities and back towards equity and justice.”
— Leana S. Wen

The Sweet Milk & Oats Lactation and Postpartum Pipeline Project is a community-led space that bridges the gap in support of human milk feeding and postpartum well-being through direct service, education, peer-to-peer support, and referral-based network centering families of color and rural families in Iowa.


We will offer lactation support groups and partner with perinatal support groups while offering direct services to diverse families. This pipeline will increase the support to postpartum families and support towards certification for professional lactation providers.


  • Lactation Home Visits

  • Postpartum Doula Services

  • Postpartum Kits

  • Overnight Oats Support Group + Skills Centers

Coming Fall 2024

Bring Sweet Milk & Oats to your organization!

Sweet Milk & Oats aims to create a more culturally responsive workplace for diverse families.

We focus on addressing barriers impacting families' growth and support. We partner with local community organizations and businesses to create sustainable policies, practices, and programs that improve families' support networks and access to well-being and early childhood development resources. 

These partnerships can help mitigate healthcare costs, improve employee retention and satisfaction, establish goodwill, and have your space lead in providing support for families built beyond policy. Family-centered initiatives such as lactation support programs have seen a 94.2 percent retention rate in employees (in comparison to the 59 percent national average) (Forbes, 2019).

We offer organization consultations to review, recommend, and facilitate policy and practices, assist in designing family-centered skill centers, and provide evidence-based education to managers and employees for sustainable practices around a culturally responsive workplace. The Overnight Oats program series is led by a certified Doula + Lactation Specialist, Jazzmine Brooks, and is designed to educate employees and their families on evidence-based practices around infant feeding, childcare, postpartum care, and more. Connect for more opportunities for one-on-one support, resources, and referrals.

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