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About Rural Black Doula

Hi, I'm Jazzmine, certified Full Spectrum Doula, Soma Yoga Instructor, and Cultural Archivist.

As a doula, scholar and yogi, I focus on providing support through communal care that is evidence-based, culturally centered, and hands-on while listening with compassion and an open heart and treating individuals, families, and communities with dignity and love. The spaces I create center BIPOC bodies and spirits and affirm all bodies, abilities, and healing spectrums. I co-create with you counter-narratives of self to (re)member our forgotten traditions and beliefs that served and centered our community.

Image by Clay Banks

Interested in Doula Services

Rural Black Doula leads the Jai Olive Doula Clinic through Jai Olive Wellness. Learn more about our Doula Clinic to support fertility, reproductive health, birth, postpartum, lactation, and infant care.

Let's Connect!

Rural Black Doula is about cultivating space for support, dialogue, and movement.

Join these unique spaces to start or continue your journey toward wholeness.


Sweet Milk & Oats

Sweet Milk & Oats provides hands-on lactation services, host workshops, and aims to create a more culturally responsive workplace for diverse families.

We focus on addressing barriers impacting families' growth and support. Learn about services, partnerships and the Overnight Oats programs.

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Kindred Soma Yoga

Kindred Soma Yoga centers on BIPOC people and those living with pain. SomaYoga combines traditional yoga, breathwork, therapeutic yoga, neuromuscular re-education, Ayurveda (the sister science to yoga), and personal development/shadow work. Spaces are made for all bodies and practices.

Join the movement 4 the culture!


Rural Black Doula District

Rural Black Doula" is a Black birth scholar and cultural archivist researching Black midwife's reclamation of traditional birth practices. We collaborate with organizations to facilitate spaces that educate on culture, liberatory practices, and Black + Brown spirits to build a safer, culturally conscious, and representative space for birth. 

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